The next episode, which will be broadcasted on Italian television on March 2, will award the Italian Masterchef 2023. This is the first time a Vietnamese qualified for final in Masterchef Italia. 


Hue moved to Italy to pursue a degree in Economics and, since the beginning of the contest, received high appreciation from the judges, three pluri-awarded Michelin stars chefs. Vinci Italian restaurant in Hanoi (100 Linh Lang) will broadcasted a 10-minutes highlight of the final on Saturday, March 4th, from 6 pm. 


Vinci is inspired to Leonardo, the great Italian painter, scientist, sculptor and inventor. Leonardo da Vinci was a giant of the Italian Renaissance. Opened in 2019 to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, Vinci is bringing the authentic Italian experience to gastronomes in the Vietnamese capital.